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Deermark hits a MAJOR milestone!

The Herd

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Congratulation, honey! I can't let this go without telling a story on you. You can blame the comment about your 10,000 BASH!


When Deermark was about to hit 2,000 finds. Wcnut and I had barely started to plan an event for Mark. All of a sudden he started planning an outing for our geocaching friends to come to a bonfire at our lake lot. Chuck and I just sat back and laughed while we let Mark plan his own surprise event.


Boy was he ever surprised when we turned the tables on him at the bonfire and roasted him instead of marshmallows.


Easist party I ever planned.

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Sure beats sitting on the couch and watching soaps.


Casualties of caching.


My 3 year old Honda CRV is about ready to break 100,000 miles.


I am about to get my third set of tires.


I am on my fifth GPS.


I am on my 3 PDA.


My pants always have holes in them from snagging on briars.


The upside of Caching.


The places I have been.


The views I have taken in.


The wonderful people I have met.


I wouldn't give up any of that.



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Ahem! This deserves a bump! Attention! May I have your attention? Has ANYONE besides me noticed that Deermark completed the Matrix? (GC12FK) Doesn't anyone else have this on their watchlist? I've been wondering? Maybe it's not such a good idea to have a role model like this! WTG Mark!!!!


Role model!!! You may want to consult professional help. The last time anyone looked up to me I was on the roof yelling for help because the ladder fell.



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