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Any Indianapolis cachers heading to Ohio/Michigan?

The Moop Along

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The TB didn't get til Indy until Sunday, so no biggie. It has a date in SE Michigan on Aug. 11th. If it doesn't make it, well then, it doesn't :blink:


The more details that come out the worse I feel. I am going to Max B on the rivers house Saturday. I wish I could get to Indy but am working 10 hour days and there is about no way to pull this off. Arrrg!

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Wow, Moop's on a mission! :o


The Travel Bug is mine. Over 4-1/2 years, it has almost achieved its goal of traveling to a town in Switzerland and returning. Once it made it back to the US, I was hoping to be able to retrieve it from a cache at my family reunion. Moop made an extremely valiant effort to get it up here from Ft Worth last weekend but was thwarted by timing. At this point I don't expect it to make it by this Saturday -- I'll be thrilled if it does -- so its next goal will be my cache in Ortonville, MI, roughly where it started.

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