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Cheap Coins?


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coinsandpins.com has these:

travel slug $3.49


you can also find some on ebay for $4-$6 if you keep your eye out.


Don't know of anywhere where u can actually go pick them up in Utah though, sorry.


If it's in a cache it's gonna be desirable enough for someone to steal it, that's just the risk you take. Drilling and tagging helps that somewhat. Good luck.

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The Generic Geocoins from http://shop.geoswag.com are nice -- different metals and a reasonable price. They also have a pre-drilled hole so that you can attach a mission. Prompt shipping, too. I think they ship from Utah.


The http://www.geocoinstore.com has a bargain bin with great prices, and several of their other coins are on sale from $5.00 and up. Prices are good, and shipping is fast.


http://www.hogwildstuff.org/ also has the Hogwild Famous Traveling Geocoin. They sell them in packs of 5 and 10. Prices and shipping are good here, too.


http://www.castlecoinsandpins.com/ had Cacher Tag Geocoins, but it looks like they're sold out now. Keep your eye on the website in case they get more in stock. These are beautiful and very reasonably priced. Great shipping, too.


These are just some that I've seen recently. I'm sure there are many other inexpensive coins that you'll find.


Good luck! :D

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yep quite a few sales lately! Do your xmas shopping :anitongue: I picked up some for $2 at geocoinstore bargain bin - although a former bargain bin purple lips design just went on ebay for $41! :lol:


Any way sales - dorkfish is full of really cute coins http://www.dorkfishcoins.com some under $5 and postage very good, quality great. She had some bargains earlier - all gone i think.

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