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Crap! I Dropped a geocoin in a Premium member cache!

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Could you go back and get the coin and then place it somewhere else?


Another idea would be to hope that whoever picks up the coin will "drop it" into that cache and then "grab it" back from the cache. By doing that the coin would get a log that it was in that cache. ( The first TB that I found was never logged into the cache where I found it. The cache owner suggested that I do this to get the bug logged.)


I'm still new to this, so if these ideas aren't right please correct me.

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There is an accepted "back door" trick to logging PM-only caches if you are not a Premium Member. It has been discussed before in the forums -- I tried to find a link to it it just now but the Search feature keeps locking up on me.


Does anyone remember the workaround procedure for this?

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Now what? How can I log that I dropped my coin in there? It stills says its in my inventory, when it obviously isnt. And I dont exactly want a premium membership at the moment...


Don't you know any premium members?


Just give them the tracking number. They can grab it from you, and then write a note and drop it in the cache. I know some folks will get upset since it will give your friend an icon they didn't earn...but at least it gets it in the right place.


I just realized that you could also contact a previous finder of the coin...that way no unearned icons are generated.

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I found this:

Go to any cache. Click the link, "log your visit."

That will take you to a page with a url such as http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?ID=89885

If you know the numeric ID of the MOC cache you want to log, just change the number at the end of the url.


If you don't know the numeric ID, change the "ID=" to "WP=" and replace the number with the GC code so you get:



From there just log as usual.


You will always be able to read your own log, but you won't be able to see the actual cache page until you become a premium member.

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And I dont exactly want a premium membership at the moment...

DUDE, its 30 bucks for a whole year

The OP said they didn't want it right now. Don't turn this into a debate on $30 a year, $3 a month, etc.

If you can answer the question and help, then feel free to do so.



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I kind of got lost on this one. Saw a bunch of quotes and couldn't find the posts. Did someone go back and delete their entries?


I have had a non premium member stumble upon a cache before and sign the log book and then couldn't find it to log their find. Being a premium member I asked them for the coordinates, they didn't have it. But, they did recall a name of a couple near by caches. I looked them up and then viewed the Google Map and it showed the hidden member only cache. I think there are enough solutions in here if you recall the general area the cache was in and the tracking number on the coin. Someone else can enter a note and drop it for you. Or, you can go back and retrieve it. Good luck.

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