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National Geographic Topo

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At the local Goodwill I found a bunch of copies of National Geographic National Parks Topo. software. They were selling it for $10 a copy. Is this software any good? Is $10 a good deal? Most importantly what does it include? Does it include the AT? Thanks!

Well, @ $10/, you cant go too wrong. IF THE MAPS ARE UP-TO DATE.

I find their maps nicer than most they look great. I just got those for my region. The software is not the easiest to navigate. It has a Microsoft or Adobe feel; clunky and kinda dumb. But Ive found that to be the case with all mapping sw. Im a mac user ( did you guess ) and it works well on my platform. Further, Im a Garmin user, so do not expect to import MAPS to your GPS; Garmin has proprietary issues. Routes and Waypoints work well enough with my 60CSx.

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I have it on my Mac and it's good but not outstanding. For $10 you can't go wrong.


The navigation is horrible. They have what they call a navigation tool, not a hand for panning around the maps. It's basically an arrow that you put to the edge of the screen and click to scroll the map. It sucks, no other way to describe it. To top it off there's no keyboard shortcuts to select the different tools.


The maps do look a lot better then Garmin's. I can't even figure out where some peaks are with Garmins software. The Topo! maps look like the topo maps you would buy from your local ranger station, good quality.


They are very responsive with their tech support as well. I just wish they'd program a hand tool to scroll the maps!

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National Geographic National Parks Topo. software.
THe first thing to keep in mind with the national park series on the software is that the National park service does not allow geocaching. So for geocaching the National Geographic National Park software will not be very usefull.


As far as ease of use. The first mapping software I used was the very first the Wildflower PC version , of the Software years before geocaching was around and before they were bought out by National Geographic. So I got very use to it. The when I bought the Magellan and then Garmin software, It took me a while to get use the them.


The Topo! maps look like the topo maps you would buy from your local ranger station, good quality.

The NG state series map are USGS topo maps so they show much more detail than most of the other dig topo maps that are around.


You can load caches onto them with GSAK, and then you can print them out if you want a very detailed map of the area you are going into.

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