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Crystal Ball Coin - Sale date announced


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I love it. Paula with CinemaBoxers was the artist I used. The pictures are a little light, but I just couldn't find a good place to take the shots today. Sharon is right, the pictures just don't do them justice. It is a 2" coin.


I'll have some better pictures when they do samples with the changes.

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Those are beautiful!








(I feel a trade request coming on...)


You have a really great looking coin, MJ. Congrats!




Are you entertaining trades yet, or should I go on complimenting?




Such exquisite detail!





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I should say that this coin will be for sale at my company, Trackable Treasures. But of course, I will be minting some for trade, but I will only have 15 to trade. My company partner, 9key, will also have 15.


Right now, we are planning on selling this coin in an Antique Gold, as shown above, and Antique Silver or Nickel. My trader coin will be Antique Copper. There will be another version, but I don't want to speak for her! LOL

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Oooh! Pretty, pretty! :laughing:


I do wish, tho, that everyone wouldn't keep making their personal trade only coin in ant. copper (even tho I had mine made in ant. copper, myself....) I know that is the coolest finish but I can't often trade for the coins I'd like to have & would like to be able to buy my favorite finish - most of the time anyway... :blink:


Did I mention that your coin is awesome? :unsure:



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Thanks Eartha!


Okay, here is the sales information


Sunday, August 12th at 6pm Central time, these coins will be for sale at Trackable Treasures. I’ll insert links when we get them loaded into the store and have direct links to the coins. (the quantity will be zero until Sunday). This coin will be available in Antique Gold and Antique Silver.


This is a pre-sale, and the expected ship date is September 10th.


The price of the coin is $8.99 shipping will be $2, and $.50 extra per coin. International orders will pay $3 on top of that (It just costs more to ship overseas! Sorry!)


Any questions, let me know!


And here are pictures of the coins again!






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