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I did find it interesting to go to the link again to see the comments below the article . . . :unsure:

Larry wrote on Jul 27, 2007 9:47 AM:

" c'mon people get a life! not only is this a nuisance to the public & the law enforcement personnel but can be hazardous to your own well-being. you wanna play games? go to www.pogo.com "


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I heard of a similar incident a few months back an hour or so from here. Turns out the cache was placed by a girl scout troop, in a garden across the parking lot from the bank, with permission from the president of both the bank and the garden club, even though the bank didn't even own the property.


Didn't matter-paranoid local citizen sees odd person emerge from the landscaping, tells the bank manager, who calls local PD chief, who sits around just wishing that something newsworthy will happen in their sleepy small town, and we have an incident. It wasn't blown up, but was confiscated.


Turns out uncle bank president retired, but forgot to tell his replacement about his niece's 'cute little hiding game' scout project from last year. I think when the troop leader and her scouts went to get the cache back all was forgiven.



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