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A Spanish GeoCacher in the Kingdom of the King Arthur

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Good morning:


I am a GeoCacher of Spain, that in the next days will travel until Wales to know this region through the Network GeoCaching that exists. It is incredible to see the amount of you break that there is in your country, being in Spain to years light of your volume.


The search will make it through my PDA, a IPAQ using sofware of OZIEXPLORER EC, the GARMIN QUE and the TOMTOM. It wanted that you said to me where it can obtain to maps calibrated for OZI or maps IMG.


Thanking for in advance your aid.


A greeting,


Gonzalo Arenas





Buenos Dias:


Soy un GeoCacher de España, que en los proximos dias viajare hasta Gales para conocer esta region a traves de la Red de GeoCaching que existe. Es increible ver la cantidad de caches que hay en vuestro pais, estando en España a años luz de vuestro volumen.


La busqueda la realizare a traves de mi PDA, una IPAQ utilizando el sofware de OZIEXPLORER CE, el GARMIN QUE y el TOMTOM. Quisiera que me dijerais donde puede conseguir mapas calibrados para OZI o mapas IMG.


Agradeciendo por anticipado vuestra ayuda.


Un saludo,



Gonzalo Arenas


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I've interpreted it as thus:-




I'm a geocacher from Spain. Soon I'll be travelling to Wales and I'll be exploring with the aid of geocaching! Its mad the amount of caches you guys over there have compared to us. You're light years ahead of us.


I'll be using my PDA, an iPAQ, to hold all the details. I'll be using some mapping software called OZIEXPLORER, along with Garmin Que and TomTom. Does anyone know where I can get maps to work with this software at all? Anyone?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Gonzalo Arenas.






I've never heard of the oziexplorer software that you have mentioned so I can not advise. Very sorry. Maps - free maps are a problem. Mapping and all its software is not easily available unless you're prepared to spend pounds / euros. Hopefully others, with my un-babelfish translation, can help / advise!


All the best



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Gracias por vuestros post...


Write and Mane, voy a BARRY ISLAND y intentare recorrer los principales lugares de Gales, en los seis dias que estar en la region. Estare en la casa de unos amigos a 35 metros del GCYDR7.


Al contar con pocos dias de vacaciones solo realizare la busqueda de los TRADICIONAL CACHE...


Un saludo,




*****************************PARDON BY THE TRADUCCCION*********

Thanks for yours post…


Write and Mane, I go to BARRY ISLAND and will try to cross the main places of Wales, in the six days that to be in the region. Residire in the house of friends to 35 meters of the GCYDR7. When counting on few single days of vacations it will make the search of the TRADITIONAL one BREAKS…


A greeting,

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Ok, let me translate to make it a little easier for the englishman to understand.


I am going to Barry Island and I want to visit the main places in Wales I will be there for 6 days. I am staying in my friends house 35 metres from cache waypoint GCYDR7.


I wont be here very long so I am only really looking to find Traditional caches.


Alamostrail, tenga un buen viaje! Un abrazo Kimberley

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