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New "Log a Cache" page

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The "log a cache" page has been modified as part of the continuing switch from our old code base to a new code base. Some minor changes:


1. The date field is now a dropdown list, which should make it more accurate.

2. Every log now has its own page URL, for easy linking from outside the web site. It will also have a "next" and "back" link to flip through all the images uploaded to a log.

3. Image upload has changed, removing the 100k file restriction. The images will all resize to at least 600 pixels wide.


I'll run this page for the next few days to make sure it is working, and implement the same changes to the "log a benchmark" page. All of the different logs on the site will begin using the same log and image upload code.


smile.gif Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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