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Canadian Geocaching news writeup


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I will agree... but the reporter did make a few mistakes. :laughing:


1) They are cast in the shape of the province and Parker hopes they'll be cached at every national park.

I said we produced our own coin. There are TB also available for purchase. I have one of these TB's that has a mission to see every National Park. LOL


2)"She must have had 500 to 600 of them," he said.

I said there must of been 500 to 600 in total at the event. Guess I should of stipulated that was more than one person. lol

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Out of curiosity the article mentions...

"The local restaurant has the geo-burger and one hotel has a geocache getaway package."

Any idea what restaurant & Hotel they are talking about???


The Restaurant is the famous "Crossroads" restaurant - in beautiful downtown Wilberforce, Ontario. And the 'Geo-burger' will be served in its very own styrofoam 'cache' container, if you ask. I'm sure if you e-mail 'sticky moose' - she'll let you know which 'hotel' is offering the getaway package.

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