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Time to sign-up for the Poker Fun Run

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Here is the final draft for the rules. You now have until midnight August 31st to add your name to the list. Anyone not signed up by then, cannot win any of the prizes.



The hands and their point value.


1pt) 1 pair (Jacks or better) = letters only *J* or better (J,J K,K L,L R,R etc.)

2pts) 2 pair = 2 of the same number &/or letters (First letter/number of the designation only) twice - example - 2, 2 + 5, 5 / B, B + M, M / 4, 4 + L, L

3pts) 3 of a Kind = 3 of the same letters

4pts) Straight = Consecutive letters only

5pts) Flush = 5 of the same line #, no mixing benchmarks from more than 1 line even if it is the same line number.

8pts) Full House = 2 of one letter designation and 3 of another letter designation.

20pts) 4 of a Kind = 4 of the same letter.

40pts) Straight Flush = 5 Consecutive Letters of the same line # (see example below)

100pts) Royal Flush = "A", "K", "Q", "J", "T" of the same line #


All are "Designation Only" using only the "FIRST letter/number &/or line #" on the GC benchmark page.


Only finds from September 1st, 2007 and after will qualify.


A benchmark can only be used once and must have its own PID# on GC. Benchmark disks only, no Intersection Stations. So use your finds wisely.


You can only use each hand once (unless you earned the top bonus * ).


You must *Show your hand* by first telling us which hand you are claiming and then providing links to each benchmark in the hand. If your picture of the benchmark can't be Easily read, then it WILL be disqualified. Practice your picture taking before the contest starts. Close-ups are preferred, but as long as it can be CLEARLY read it will be accepted. Remember, It is a couple of OLD farts WITH glasses who will be Judging the pictures & if they can't read the designation - oh well.



If it has a previous DNF or has a benchmark that is OLD or VERY OLD in the hand - you MUST let us know to get your Bonus Points. OLD = 5 Pts for pre-1950. VERY OLD = Older than the 2oldfarts or Harry Dolphin, worth 10 Pts for pre-1930. Previous logged DNFs. = 5 Pts (Of course, you need to have found that DNF.) 1 bonus per hand with any of the following, so be sure to tell us if you're claiming a bonus when you log each hand.


DNF means that the last log for the benchmark must be a DNF that was logged prior to July 13th 2007


*If you complete all hands, you will get a *bonus* worth 25 Pts + the permission to start all over again with logging each hand with new finds. Let us know if you are claiming this bonus!


You can't have found the benchmark in the last 12 months. (You may log it as a note if you have found it over a year ago. (Remember we will be looking at all the pictures already logged for these benchmarks.) )


Prizes will be awarded for 1st through 5th place and a drawing for the special prizes. To be eligible for the drawing you will need to have found at least one of the above listed hands. These prizes were donated by Berntsen. Other mystery (?) prizes to be announced.


The sign up period will run from 8/01/07 until 8/31/07. No signing up after 08/31/07. If you have not signed up, you will not be eligible for any prizes!


The contest will run for 2 months -- 9/01/07 until 11/04/07 (sundown).


The 2oldfarts are the judges and their decisions will be final.


"If anyone sees or knows of a bogus log being made, please PM or e-mail us with the details so we can get it taken care of."


Looking deeper in our box of prizes we see ........


A pair of binoculars

An old old GPSr (An Eagle Accu-Nav Sport Trak, about 15 years old & complete & it still works)

5, 1oz pure silver coins (commemorative gambling tokens) (from the Silver Strike machines)

Pictures can be made available at a later time.


How should we award them?



John & Shirley

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I failed to edit the final draft of the rules to include Stainless Steel Rods that have a designation on the lip of the housing. It seems as though I'm getting old and slow and now I can't edit the rules in the first post of this thread.


Please consider the stainless rods as acceptable for the contest. Remember, we need to be able to read the designation when you post your pictures.





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It's pretty complicated for this slow, old, brain. And, I'll have to travel close to 100 miles to have lines I haven't already gotten some of for straights, etc. I doubt I'll get many for this one. But, maybe I can find a hand or two and enough to get in the pot for the book.


I'm in but sundown in Anchorage on 11/4/07 is 1650 :-P

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OK Put me in.

I have no idea how to play. I am very new to this benchmarking and don't know if I can figure it out. First questions.


What are you all talking about when you say "lines" and "line #s"?


Is it one hand one benchmark or what?


What letters and #s do you use? for example would HD1191 be 3 1s and the date on the benchmsrk is 1990

is that another 1, I could use to make the hand 4 1s?


See I told you I had no idea.

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Go ahead and sign me up for the fun. :D I am still new at this and haven't found many BM's but should be an adventure. In one way I am at an advantage because there are allot of BM's out there in my area to find but on the other hand the veterans can go back to there old finds already knowing the area.

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Sign-up is drawing to a close. The contest officially starts at sunrise tomorrow.


Please make sure you are familiar with the rules and posting requirements. We will have a separate thread just for posting your finds. If at any time you have any questions you may ask them here in this thread or you may PM or e-mail us for an answer. If you get one of the "Dreaded PMs From John", don't fret about it, just read it and the explanation included there in.


To post your hand you need to first declare which hand you are claiming, then post a "Hot link" for each of the benchmarks that are part of the hand. Here is our example.......


Straight Flush

R 401 S 401 T 401 U 401 V 401


Please make sure that you have clear readable pictures of the disks. This has been one of the leading reasons for the "Dreaded PMs from John" in past contests.


Have fun!


Anyone still wanting to be signed up after midnight will be eligible for scoring but will NOT be eligible for any of the prizes.


Let the fun begin!


John & Shirley

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