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Earthmate GPS LT-20 & Street Atlas USA 2008

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Instead of paying the considerable amount for Garmin Maps, for my Venture Cx and my laptop I have decided to buy a much cheaper software package. I am considering: Earthmate GPS LT-20 & Street Atlas USA 2008, DVD – BUNDLE. This way I can use the laptop to get me to the caches and the use my GPSr to walk to the cache. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of this software (which comes with a GPSr) or any other software? Do these programs work well with Garmin GPSr’s? What are the advantages of buying the cheaper software only without the small included GPSr and using my existing GPSr versus buying the slightly more expensive software package with the GPSr?


Street Atlas with the GPSr is $69.95



Street Atlas without the GPSr is $39.95


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I bought a copy of Street Atlas USA 2008 with the GPS LT-20 ($69 and free shipping from Amazon.com) about a week ago. It is pretty slow to load, but seems to work well. I haven't had a chance to take it caching yet, but did set it up for the Mrs. to do some yard saling last weekend, it worked pretty well. I went with the GPS version to save wear and tear on my handheld, as well as it works better, with the turn-by-turn audible instructions, route correcting, etc. I like it so far. We are going on a trip next weekend, will see how it does out on the road in BFE.

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will see how it does out on the road in BFE.


Please let me know how it preforms. Also, does anyone know if it will plot directions to a lat-n-long instead of address? This would be great to get to the cache.

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