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Bomb Threats


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"Hey...that looks like a bomb. I'll pick it up and take it to the police station" <_<

Punchline #423: "Hey, look what I almost stepped in!"


Now, let's turn our attention to the poor reporting. What's wrong with this sentence?:

A package discovered in Burlington that looked like a pipe bomb turned out to be a global positioning system device used by scavenger hunt enthusiasts called geocachers.

Well, maybe it's a poor translation from the original Canadian.

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Copied this section from the article


Halton police are asking those who play the geocache games to choose their containers carefully and not use capped or taped pipes, military ammunition cases or ordnance housings.


They suggest containers have a label on them that identifies them as such and that they reference a geocache website for further identification.


Sure means alot of trouble for ammo boxes if his statement holds true. Make sure your hiding them well <_<

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i am NEVER going to give up my da-glo orange ammo can with the gold trim.


i know other good ways to scare outsiders, too. one of my favorites is to wander around erratically while muttering incoherently. then (and this is the important part) sidle up to the people in question and shout "WHERE ARE THEY HIDING ALL THE STRING?!"


works every time.



remember that we're all so proud of you.

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a PB jar, which could never be mistaken for anything dangerous

Unless you're one of those people who is deathly allergic to peanuts :(

My bad, I was making a poor attempt at humor. I was partaking of my favorite beverage and reading the PB jar post, and then came to this one.

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