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anybody using geocaching.com wap on cell phone?


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Hey ... anybody using geocaching.coms wap version on their cell? I have it in my favs on my cingular phone.. its perfect for use with a gps.. very simple to use and just the right choices for use in the field.. you can put the cache in by its gc number that shows up on your gps and it pulls it up... or search from coord or zip... anyway ill quit rambling... you guys tell me...

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It's about all I use. I've more or less given up on paper except for multis, and I don't own a PDA. WP in the GPSr and go. Occasionally I have no coverage and so can't get the hint, and sometimes maybe I wish I'd taken the spoiler photo, but generally it saves me time (you can spend a *lot* of time and paper/ink preparing cache listings). Sometimes I carry a small laptop in the car for backup, though.


I would like the WAP listings to carry D/T ratings, and, especially, cache size data.

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I use mine to check a TB's mission in the field before grabbing them. :)


I just did that the other day, too.


I've said elsewhere that using wap.geocaching.com on the cell phone can be handy...as long as you are in an area where your cell can access the Internet :P


We're still at the point where we're lugging printouts with, but the next project is to figure out how to do pocket queries before we go on our next long trip. I can see where the cell phone would work well in that instance as you'd already have the waypoint in your GPS to access the cache logs and not need to have the printout if you could look it up with your cell.


Problem is, we're going out west in September and I'm not sure if and where our cell phone Internet will and will not work out there.

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