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GeoJournal - a new Mac Geocaching management app

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I just downloaded geojournal to my macbook pro I really like it so I tested it out downloaded cach to geojournal worked great then I hooked it up to send to my gps (etrex legand CX) and it will not connect to my gps can anyone help me?


Fustrated :huh:


We are happy to announce the release of GeoJournal version 1.0.00.

GeoJournal is the first application of it's kind written for the Mac. It's

got a ton of great features that allow you to Plan, Manage, and Record your

Geocaching Adventures. Briefly, it's great features include:


- GPX/LOC support

- Multiple cache categories

- Multiple home locations

- Embedded web browser with Google Maps

- Itinerary generation

- Associate pictures and notes with Found caches

- POP3 importing for PQs

- Paperless caching with CacheMate PDB files, GPX, or Text exporting

- Integration with Google Earth, Apple iCal, and more!


For more information and to download the application, please visit

GeoJournal's main web site at:




Thank you. I hope you enjoy using the application.


Best Regards,

Rich Martin aka Curious Technology

Mac User, Geocacher, and Author of GeoJournal


Does your Etrex have a serial interface? If it does, how are you connecting it to the USB on your Mac?

I'm having problems with the Garmin serial interface too, and I think it's my USB - Serial cable.

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Hey Everyone,

I'm absolutely elated that there's a lot of discussion about GeoJournal. I'm taking notes and putting together a list for updates and feature additions. In response to the interest that the application has generated, I am putting up a dedicated forum on www.geoingenuity.com to handle the specific topics you are bringing up here, and anything else related to the application. I also want to be respectful to geocaching.com, and not take up thier forums and resources.


The forums are not up yet, but I am configuring the software and I should have it up by tonight. Once I do, I will update everyone in this thread and we can move all discussion over to that venue.





So, now that this discussion is frowned upon as being too commercial, what happened to the proposal quoted above to have this thread continue on GeoJournal's website? Geojournal's website doesn't appear tp have been ipdated since it was first brought online? Hopefully the developer is working on improvements and doesn't have time. It seems as though this came screaming out of the chute looking very promising but with a few known bugs I was hoping to see at least a minor update by now, especially since the trial periods are starting to expire, I am hesitant to purchase the software until the developer demonstrates how responsive to issues he is. Don't get me wrong, I think the software is great, but I don't like purchasing software that isn't quite living up to the promises it claims and I want to see how the next update is handled

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Using Groundspeak's forum to support commercial software does run afoul of the forum guidelines.


As this thread has seemingly become a replacement for the vendor's own support forum, I'm locking this thread in accordance with my earlier warning.

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