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CITO at Halton parks

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I am not an experienced geocacher so I am not going to attempt to organize events this early but gosh...someone should try and get a CITO going at the Halton parks....

We were at Kelso this past weekend with the kids...son wanted to catch (and release) a frog so we ended up walking in the 16 mile creek and boy....at that time I wished I had taken a garbage bag with me...

There was garbage everywhere....such a pity...

We will be camping at Rattlesnake next weekend so CITO will be in order.

Really sad that many people going to conservation areas don't understand the meaning of "Conservation"....



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dare ya to do something about it... :(


How do you define an experienced cacher? I was recently thrown into the position of organizing a CITO when the owner was relocated for military training. It was a daunting task at first.. but after a while i realized that all I really needed to do was arrange with the city to have the garbage picked up, and bring some garbage bags...


CITO!! no experience necessary!

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I recently decided to organize a CITO, but then I got called away on a military tasking and had to rely on some others to pull the event off at the last minute. I had less than a year's experience geocaching.


My only suggestion is don't do it alone unless you're organized and talk to a bunch of past CITO organizers; they will have lots of tips for you.

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