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Hey everyone... i thought i'd start this by telling about a backpacking trip i made a couple years ago with some ham friends of mine.. We went to Big Hill Pond state park in pocahontas Tn.. After a couple mile hike in there is an old fire spotting tower that stands about seventy feet or so... we stayed at the tower well into the night and had 2 meter and 440 hts with us. We were keying up repeaters 200 miles away and talking simplex into florida and south mississippi.. It was a very exciting night and was the best dx we had ever got on our hts.. the best contacts by the way were made on my ft411 yaseu ht pushing two and a half watts through a five eighths wave bnc telescopic antenna... we plan to make this trip again this fall and place a best dx cache at this tower... tks> whats your story?

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Good stuff!!


I kinda do the same only on a smaller scale due to time restrictions. I us a little VX2R with an aftermarket antenna. Where I live has many peaks and old fire tower locations within a 40 mile radius. I try and make a different peak every Wednesday morning in time for an IRLP cross-Canada net thru a 70cm machine here in Sudbury Ontario.


Wayne (tec_64)


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