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I'm Beginning to hate MICRO'S

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:) The micro is a good drive by :)


Just latly, I have been to some caches (micro's) that just warrent a BIG box!,(Or puzzles they should have a big box) do you have coin's or tb in the back pocket with swaps, and you just can't get them back out into the game?

I went to Morrisons last week and for £4.99 they had a selection of 8 box's of all sizes it was a "bogof" I know that some urban micro's are the must,

Can we have some more big box's


:o I did say I was beginning to


You,ve stirred em up now, you rascal :D


How come 6 out of your 17 hides are micros then , huh, eh ? :D:D

Bet them boxes in Morries werent fullof salad. :D

:D every day in every way we are slowly getting bigger ;)

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I'm part of the " don't care what sort of cache as long as it's interesting and well hidden".


I did a micro last week which was cunning. I have virtual finds which I enjoyed and also traditionals as part of a multi which took a day and gave much pleasure on a quiet sunday.


Regardless of container type, let's think about where we are placing them and why bring someone there. A cache in the middle of nowhere with a stunning view, a micro hidden in an unusual way in an urban setting, a virtual of a unique site or monunent, all have their merits.


We need all types though, as has been said, without the traditionals there will be few places for bugs and coins.

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You guys are spending a lot of time and energy slaging off micros and nanos. Im not a fan of finding ammo cans in the woods. They are full of TAT left by cachers that dont like micros. Soggy half deck of cards, pencil sharpener (used), golf ball... just a small selection of poop dropped off in great regular caches!

I have set alot of micros around Crawley, with the odd regular cache. I go back to check mine and they are full of cack. The micros get the odd coin dropped off but are always left in good order.

I understand about the coin & bug thing. Regular and large caches have their place but so do micro 'n nanos.


This is a forum afterall. Full of the same old questions and answers. A place where you make a point and then get shot down in flames for not following the norm.


Dont bitch about them, just dont do them.

Dont leave cack in my caches.

Think about the swag you want to trade.

Close the lid on ALL caches properly.



Have to agree and I think its only the 2nd time I have said anything on here! Just like TV, if you dont like the programme, turn it off. If you stumble across a micro that you think is pants for whatever reason..... DONT LOG IT! If you have the HONESTY to post a note on the page instead and air your views there, you might have a chance of stopping the chaff coming to the fore.

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