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Europe Caching without Garmin Maps?

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I'm heading to Germany and Nederlands in the fall and want to do some geocaching while I'm there. I am not interested in spending $299 for Garmin's City Navigator Europe software. It is just too expensive for a one-time use.


Can I download caches onto my Garmin eTrex Legend CSx without having any local maps? I figure if I can at least see the caches on a blank yellow screen then I can do some caching even though it may make things more difficult.

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And take your calculator along as well as your walking shoes. Many German geocachers seem to LOVE math puzzles and spazierengehen. :lol:


actually if you need walking shoes we would say "wandern" (hiking). But in general I can confirm that statement :)



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Make your own basic maps for upload to your GPSr. Plot the geocache(s) on Google Earth then trace roads and other map features from where you are staying to the geocache using the guide below. It's real easy and you can make your map as detailed or simple as you want.


GoogleMaps to Custom Garmin Map


Here's a real simple map traced (in red) on Google Earth (Frankfurt Germany area) and made into a Garmin map. A route is traced from Hotel to cache along with a few major highways, towns and a river. With a map on your GPS you can now drive on a highway right to a cache. You could add whatever detail you want.


Google trace



Screenshot of map on Garmin GPS


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WOW - thanks everybody for all the great information! As soon as I posted my question, I realized that some GPSr units don't have maps. I guess I am spoiled.


Now... how to get Garmin to put out a MAC OS X version of mapsource so I don't have to run WIN XP via bootcamp on my macbook?!?!?!

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