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Invisi-shield or a case for Vista Cx

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I tried the Garmin neoprene case with clear front, but the window is sized for the old b/w etrex units so obscures some of the screen on the new colour etrex units. Likewise the top edge of the case snags the joystick and two of the side buttons because the colour units are shorter and wider than the b/w units. I now use an Invisible Shield only, but have Garmin's soft case for storing the GPSr when not out in the field.

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I was wondering if the invisi-shield product was better than a case


I do the exact same thing as Jonners with my GPSMAP 60CSx. I have the screen protector (note that ShieldZone Corp. just change their name to ZAGG Inc.) to protect it while in use, and then store it in Garmin's low-cost nylon case while its not in use.


A few weeks ago I made the mistake of stowing a MicroSD card case inside the nylon case with the GPS and got a minor scratch on the screen saver. Lesson learned.


I had purchased and tried the neoprene case with the platic window and found it a pain to use, kind of a pain to take off with the clip mount attached, and not compatible with my RAM mount. If I knew the unit would be in rough use for some reason then I'd probably slip the neoprene case on.

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I've used the invisibleSHIELD on both of my units and also have one on my watch. I swear by them. They have saved the screens on my units multiple times.


I normally do as well. I ordered an invisibleSHIELD on the 4th, the day I got my 60CSx (well, technically I didn't order until around midnight, so the 5th). It didn't get shipped until the 12th, and it wasn't until today that USPS realized it was mis-shipped. I suppose it's more a problem with USPS than invisibleSHIELD, but the whole experience is souring.


::sigh:: I hate walking around with my screen unprotected.

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