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Learning to use a Lowarnce infinder expedition C


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As a brand new user, I think the best thing you can do is head outside with the receiver and the user's manual and just start going through the manual and conducting each procedure on the receiver. The Lowrance manuals are laid out well to do this and learn, however, they are rather notorious for not including information on all of the features of the receiver.


And, most importantly, head on over to Airmapper's Lowrance Site. There you'll find some excellent tutorials on uploading pocket queries specific to geocaching and other articles and links that will set you well on your way. Be sure to check into the forums and ask any questions you have.

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Hi and Welcome to Forum.

Steel City gave you great advice. You can download a simulated GPS that will run on your PC from the Lowrance.com site. I found it better to go outside and start using it. You did not say if you had Map Send Software for much more detailed maps. The base map is not very detailed. Airmappers Lowrance site is required to help understand your GPS. I have an H2OC and love it over the Sport Trac Pro I used for several years. You have a great GPS. Have Fun.

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