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Trying to get started with paperless


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Just getting started in this great hobby. I'm trying to get started with a paperless setup. A friend is giving me a Palm Pilot Professional, I believe it is pre-Palm III. I think I have read all of the post regarding paperless and until I get this Palm, I'm not really sure if I can set it up. Is there anyone out there that might know? -Thanks

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Welcome to the Forums! :rolleyes:


There is a variety of software available to help you get the waypoints from your Pocket Queries into a database or directly into your GPSr. Although other people use a different combination of programs, many others find that GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) on a PC works seemlessly with Cachemate on a Palm . . . although that Palm you are getting is pretty old. I am not familiar with it and don't know for sure if it will work . . . :P


You might find spending $30.00 on a Palm that connects to your computer with USB, instead of with the Serial Port, would be worthwhile. A Palm M500 is one you could look at . . . if the one you are getting won't work.

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GSAK isn't required to do paperless caching. It's great if you want to maintain a local database of caches on your computer. But some us simply create pocket queries of the caches we want to find on a particular outing, then load the results (a GPX file) into CacheMate. In other words, we skip the local database step in the process. I prefer that approach because I find it simpler and easier than maintaining a local database.

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