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test my avator

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When I got within 100 feet, I started to get really excited, just like a 10 year old again. But it was telling me to "head on" right in the middle of a rugby pitch. Now, call me stupid, but after a while I gave up (and people were watching!) - I couldn't imagine anyone hiding a cache in the middle of a large rugby pitch.


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Cool, you can add more than one quote.
undefined, just testing the options. <span style='font-family:Courier'>to see how things turn out. </span>Hey look, there is a preview button, go figure. I see, you have to type the text and then hilight it and then choose the font or size or color options. I guess this is the right place to do this kind of practicing.
Cool, you can add more than one quote. And in different places in the text.

An image too, that's great. <_<

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