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test my avator


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Seamus, where do I hit "select avatar"???


I have logged out of groundspeek forums, and geocaching.com, logged in, checked my "edit profile" and my avatar shows up there. Clicked re-register , clicked register on the forums and logged in.

After you click the avatar, and it appears up on the right of the text on the avatar selection screen, the button above it will read "select Avatar". Click that. After that, I think it will take you back to the forum login screen. If not, you'll need to "re-register the changes" on the avatar selection screen. Then it should take you to the forum login.

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Just re-checked the process. Click the avatar you wish to use. It will show up on the right hand side of the screen, with a "select Avatar" button above it. Clicking the button will reload the page, and the button will be greyed out and read "current avatar" instead. Then, you will need to click on the link that says "re-register the changes". This will take you to the forum login screen. Click on "Enter the Groundspeak Forums" to, well, enter the Groundspeak forums. You should then have your avatar.


It's a bit convoluted, but I suppose it's done that way for a reason... :unsure:

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Pretty sweet avatar (must give credit to AmishHacker for creating it).


Seamus thanks for the help. I uploaded it but never "selected" it.

Took me a few tries to get it figured out the first time, too.


...and the second.

...and the third...

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