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test my avator


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Im wondering all the urls have to 'plain', (can't name them). Im looking for examples to ask about, but the only 'links' were just Like

Blah blah, see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CR_Geocachers/

TPTB have opted not to allow HTML code in sig lines I believe, and therefore, you can't get what you want to come up the way you want it. Had something to do with advertising other sites or spamming or some such nonsense. No wait, I think it was page-loading time. Anyway, no HTML code in sig lines.

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okay, I give up (for tonight). Now I cant get any changes to show up (with, or with a link). Now watch, this one will work. Nope, it didnt.

It's not the logging out and back in that does it. When you make your changes, just log in to the forums from the link on the gc.com page. That's how the changes are updated. :rolleyes:

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