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test my avator


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Just testing mine... while inflating my post count at the same time icon_biggrin.gif


Not all who wander are lost... unless the batteries in their GPS die, their maps get ruined by rainwater when their pack leaks, and they find themselves in a laurel thicket. Then, they are probably lost.

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Another Avator change:


Map76s to Meridian, because I like caching with this machine.


Maybe the avator will change, when I post in another thread.


Took awhile, but It changed.


[This message was edited by GOT GPS? on April 04, 2003 at 05:48 AM.]

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God - here goes another mutiple 'test' posting!


I've just logged out, and back in again - do we need to wait a bit for the avatar image to be included in our posts?


Took golden idol, left sandbag of approximately equal weight - Indiana Jones

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testing the flashcat avatar system..

1, 2, 10!


"It is by Caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion;

It is by the beans of Java, that my thoughts acquire speed-

The hands acquire shakes; the shakes become a warning-

It is by Caffeine alone that I set my mind in motion..."-me

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