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test my avator


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Why does my avator have the word "tadple" under it? I can't find this anywhere in my profile and the caption I supplied is nowhere to be found.


btw Thanks for the very clear instructions - very helpful.

It says tadpole, because you're new, and the geocaching mascot is a frog, and his name is Signal. It won't be changeable unless you become a premium member. ($3 a month or $30 a year)

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:blink: I have been surfing geo and ground for all of 48 hours trying to learn the lay of the land. I like to know the lingo and contours prior to taking the walk.


I have not been able to find the "click on me" that will take me to page i need to set up "My cache page" I have read the forums and the FAQ,s and apparently I must have a selective brain disorder.


No one else seems to have a problem with locating this feature :P


please help me....


if I was geocaching I think I would be known as "Geographically embarassed"





go ahead and laugh I can take it....

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