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Unactivated TB found in Cache

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So, I find this Travel Bug in a cache. I try to log the travel bug and it says it has not been activated. :laughing: (M1TN1R). No problem. Just go to the cache and see who might have said they left it there. Problem. I was not looking for the cache. As we logged a virtual cache, Someone cleaning out the underbrush said they found it. It was the second cache in a multicache, and didn't say what multicache it was. So what do I do with this Travel Bug?


Second, I had to move this accidentally found second stage cache as it would literally have been sitting out in the open. I have emailed the owners of the multicaches in the area hoping it could be one of theirs but have not heard back. Cache was in the Big Thompson Canyon in Colorado near Estes Park. So for know the owner will have to look around to find it. aughghg.

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I was not FTF, and there is no possible way for me to activate the Bug as I don't have the code to do so. :laughing: So I have no idea what to do with it. They have a wonderful story laminated and attached to the rooster so it is kind of sad they didn't activate it.

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Hang on to the bug until we figure out which cache(leg) it was in.


Which virtual was it near, Big Tom's Rockey Mtn?


Is there anything list on the attached items that might give a clue to the name of the bug?


(Huh, while I was poking through the caches I came across a recent log from a cacher local to me. Small world)

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Have you tried going to GCCO, www.geocachingcolo.com to post on the forums there. It is the Colo statewide geocaching group. I would bet that would narrow your search for the missing multi. Great group of folks, even accepted a "out of stater" in their club. I live in Cheyenne, was born and raised in COLO. So I cache a lot there. Know most of the caches in Ft Collins area, but, some new ones in Poudre and Big Thompson river valley we haven't done.


Edit to add links, this is the first post I have added a link to, still learning.

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In your shoes, I'd read the cache log (online and off) to see if I could figure out who's bug it is. You probably did that.


If that doesn't work, I'd post a note on the cache page stating that I had found the bug, that it's not activated and ask that the owner contact me to get the situation figured out. The owner knows where they left the bug. I'd also post a pic of the bug in case some other cacher happens to know the owner.


Then I'd toss the bug on my goecaching shelf and wait.

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