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Buying refurbished units from the US


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I am debating buying a refurb unit from the US on Ebay for my first unit. The units in question are factory sealed from Garmin and have 1 year warranty.

My only concern is regarding the maps. I don't know if the basemap in any US unit will work for caching in Canada.

Has anybody bought units from the US? In specific the 60CSx? And were you able to use it right out of the box?

I also posted on the Getting Started forum about a deal I found at Walmart. I was looking for opinions on the pricing.





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I bought 2 refurbished Garmind Legend C models from GPS Central in Alberta. They came in a box with all manuals, cables and looked/work great. We use them in our classroom and have had no trouble with them. It was a great way to get a better model for a cheaper price (less freezies to sell at school).

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