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GPS software for pocket pc

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It's free but do provide a donation if you like the program. I've been using it for a year now and it's the best I have found.


The Link is dead :-(


I think its the best to open a thread to collect all freeware or open source programs.


Because i was searching around and spend a lot of time for finding free software, which is very rare.



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Thankyou for the links! [;)]


I've spent most of the past three weeks looking for and trying software.

There seems to be a lot that won't find the correct com port.


Last weekend I tried GPS melody from www.pdatopsoft.com and it was great until I got 50m (150 feet) from the cache and it stopped as I was close. Got that down to 12 feet on Friday night.


After finding this thread yesterday, I got a demo copy of Beeline which I used this morning to find a cache and I was very impressed. It's also the first one I've found that has an instruction manual. I had problems getting it to connect to my bluetooth GPS last night but no problem today.


I'm using a T-mobile MDA Vario II phone with window mobile 2005 (has Internet explorer so I can view cache pages on the move too) and a generic bluetooth GPS receiver with SiRF III chip in it (Should work under trees and in cities). I've managed to download .loc files direct from geocaching.com to my phone and use with Beeline. I just can't work out how to zoom in and out on the map page.

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