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COINTEST for the AE/LE Earth Turtle


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Ok, I don't have mine in hand yet but will in the next couple weeks. I need to think of a question first.


Cointest at 12:10 MST (about 10 minutes)


RULES: No editing posts, that post becomes invalid.

I have final say on winner more rules to come when I decide the question(s).


tsun :ph34r:

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A couple days ago, I placed a series of 3 caches up Sawmill Gulch. I'm waiting on the 3rd cache to get published. This is an all uphill mountain hike that takes place over about 1.5 miles.


Here's what you are playing for:



RULES: 1 post every 5 minutes, do NOT edit your post or it is disqualified.


QUESTION: What is the total elevation gain from the trailhead to cache #3? It is less than 1,000 feet.



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