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Western Cape Newsletter

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First of all well done on the newsletter. Very well done. I like the layout and it was an interesting read.


I agree with colinaly, the size was quite large in Word format. PDF I got it down to just over 500 KB. Also there may be people that don't have MS word. Most people have a PDF reader. So yeah PDF may be better.


Use PDF creator to convert it to PDF and Foxit reader to open the PDF documents. They are both free and work great.


PDF Creator is about 12MB and Foxit about 1.7MB so be aware of how much bandwidth you have.

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Fantastic Newsletter!


Well done to all involved!! A great read!


ok so where do we get to read this news letter please


QFC, Would it be possible to host a copy on georanking for all to see?


I have sent a mail to C&C to ask permision...


I have also asked that they add a link to www.geocachingranking.com as payment for the hosting :laughing: (selflish advertising, yes we know... but we need those hits to keep up the inspiration (which you may have noticed is recently lacking))


I have not had time to read the newsletter, but will try and fit it in tonight.


As soon as I get the go-ahead I will PDF it and put it on the news section of the site.


I offer the same to the Mpumalanga newsletter.

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