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Really Confused... should I get a 76 CsX or a Vista HCX?

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Ok, I passed on getting a mounted unit this year for my boat, I figured that I would wait and see if the CX/CsX series dropped in price. They have and HOW!


76CX - $299.99

76 CsX- $349.99


OF course now comes along the vista which I wasn't even looking at before.


Vista HCX - $299.99 (no one has one I can look at though)


I will be loading charts for boating on it.


So what do I want? I don't know, I thought til last night that the 76CSX was the way to go, now I am debating.


It will be used both for Geocaching and hiking and most definetly as a nav aid on the boat.


I can have the 76 in hand immeadiatly as opposed to having to order the HCX. the HCX can be $80 to $100 less then the 76 CSX though.


Right now I am using a non mapping magellan that is dying fast.


Is the 2 oz difference in hiking a big deal? Is the vista's button setup gonna be that much of a hinderence compard to the 76's?

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Welcome to the Forums! :anibad:


I have the Vista C and like it for hiking. However, the size of the screen might make a difference to you for use on your boat. I know someone who uses the 76CS and really likes it. It would be great if you could go to a store, like REI, and handle each unit to see which one "fits" you best. :laughing:

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If I were making this decision for myself, I would prefer the 76Csx on the boat and the etrex Legend HCx on the trail. I generally feel the electronic compass of the 76CSx is an unnecessary expense, but a boat may be one place where it would handy to have. (Hard to do the bee dance in a boat). The buttons of the 76 series are much easier to use when the unit is mounted. I prefer the size and weight of the etrex series on the trail.


So, I would be faced with which way I wanted to compromise. I would probably buy the 76Csx now and then buy a Legend HCx when they become available, but that's me. :laughing:

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