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I have just started using a PDA and have run in to a small prodlum. :laughing:


I have MM v4 + update and using cashmate loaded in the PDA.


Whem I am in MM and double click on to a icon on the map to show the details of the cache I am looking for, it comes up with a small screen saying the following:-


cannot find 'cmate:GC----' (or one of its components). make sure the path and filename are correct and all the required libraries are available.


But if go out of MM and into cachemate I can view the cache info but not via MM.


I hope someone has a idear of how to sort this out.




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Davy Boy is the whizz on this one.Drop him a line. :laughing:


Neither Davy Boy or I could suss this one out. The waypoint properties within the memory-map icon are correct (eg \cmate:GC12345) but it's like the PDA doesn't know what cmate is. Cachemate runs correctly from the Start menu though.


I suggested that Alan post a message here in the hope that superior beings will be able to advise :anibad:

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Did you do a proper install, or just copied someones exe file to your PPC ?


As far as I know, Cachemate sets up some stuff in the registry to enable the cmate: function to work.


Try uninstalling Cachemate, then do a full install (ie, copy the exe file from the web site to the PPC and run it). This should set everything up.


Re the last post - you do not need the path for it, that is handled by the associations it creates.

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cannot find 'cmate:GC----' (or one of its components). make sure the path and filename are correct and all the required libraries are available.


I use:




in GSAK for the link value in the Memory Map export. Perhaps it is an issue with MM v4 and the link format you are using? I'm using MM v5 and don't have this problem using the above link format.

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A big thanks to those replied to my plea for help.


To The Royles yes I had to remove cachmate from my PDA and reload it ;) , after doing this I loaded it with a new PQ and I then just hoped all this would now make it work :ninja: and YES it all works again :):D:huh:


Thanks to Moggoly, I did try your idear but it did not make it work :)


Anyway one happy cacher

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