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Geocoin Chat geocoins! Get 'em here!


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As many of you may know, the great folks at Geocoindesign.com host a geocoin chat room. Well, many of us regular chatters pooled together and produced our very own chat coin. Each person has 15 examples to trade, keep, release or whatever.


Trade requests are welcome. These turned out really great! Those involved in the project have their names listed on the reverse and each person has unique numbering schemes.


Here is the final result...I just got these in today:



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Will I be seeing you at the summer picnic, Michael? If so, what might you be wanting in trade? I'll be bringing a few things with me. ;)




Sure, we'll be coming. As for trades, well...bring some coins along and I am sure I can find one I like B)

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As an occasional chat participant, I'd love to get one of these from someone. The chats are always great fun. Would anybody like to trade me one?

Me too! Anyone like PoS or Demenace? Or or 57 or Tsun or... I Really would like to trade someone for one!

Or two or three..... :D

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I got my chat coin in the mail today (and notice that coin is not pluralized, lol). Thank you Jim for having one made up especially for me since I had to back out at the last minute! You ROCK!




Thank you for the nice surprise, it is truly appreciated!

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I got mine too!!!


Thanks again Team Castleboxers!!! :lol:


I got 007BigD~~~001 through 007, then the rest are personalized for friends, a couple FTF~~~007BigD, a CACHE HARD and a CACHE ON. I love em!!! I didnt expect them to be so big!


I figure most will go into caches as FTF, swag trades & personal gifts, and Ive got one to drop for a Team Checkers Keeper coin I got yesterday in a cache!...Thanks Frivlas and One angry puppy! :unsure:


I too miss out on chat all to often...in fact just about every time I go there its too late and everyones already sleepin! Maybe ill catch up with yall tomorrow.

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I finally checked my mail last week and there they were! These coins are awesome!

I feel like spreading the joy too, so I have several of my coins up for trades with the following personalizations: Woletrap 001, Woletrap 002, Woletrap 003, Woletrap 005, Woletrap 235, Woletrap 023.

Check my wishlist, or just make an offer!




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Well this was just a grand day...heat wave, and I got to stay indoors in the air conditioning...

I have recieved a great coin and i want to thank everyone who participated in producing this great coin.

Mine are pretty easy to remember from slippery_1- numbered 1 to 15.

Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are already spoken for so that leaves the rest up for trade etc.

Make me an offer I can't refuse...who knows we can always come up with a trade.

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