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Problem with Motorola Q since Database Upgrade

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Several of us have Motorola Q phones with Windows 5 Mobile.


Prior to the Database Upgrade, we could get on the Geocaching.com homepage.


Since the upgrade, download begins OK, but at 200K+ the screen suddenly blanks.


IF I hit "Stop Downloading" at around 200K, I can use the features that have already downloaded.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Any ideas?


I can use the "lite" wap version, but I like some of the links on the regular homepage.



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On my TREO (smartphone) NONE of the GC.com pages load as smoothly as they did before the 'upgrade'.

ALL pages viewed result in a 'TOO LARGE TO DISPLAY' warning, and the page stops loading. If I 'RELOAD' the page I can usually view the things I want to see.

Why does a page need to be over 200KB?


Thanks for responding.


I've been told the problem was with our Motorola Q phones, not the web page, but you're confirming what I thought, that the web page is violating some limit in Windows 5 Mobile's Internet Explorer.


Hopefully, somebody can offer a "fix".

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