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Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx vs eTrex Vista HCx

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I thought about that feature as well when making my decision for the 60csx and later the vista HCX......and then I realized if I am out backpacking, that is a great feature to have, but its just not there on the vista HCX or CSX


so I am not going to forfit all around greater units for simply that single feature, I would get another device to measure barometric tendencies, which stinks but its probably better that way anyhooo


I actually have a suunto watch that does just that, so the decision was easier for me, but it really shouldnt hold you back at all.....

for the simple reason that just because there are barometric variences does not mean the weather is going south, its only right probably 60% of the time if that, and it should be just as accurate in reading the updated pressure when you turn the unit back on.



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