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I think you've found it. I used a couple of caches to figure out my eTrexVista a few months ago. It's what got me started.


Seriously, best way to learn it is to go out and experiment. Stand on your front door and take a waypoint. Now walk about 20 yards or meters away and tell the GPS to find the waypoint you just entered. Use the GPS to navigate back to your doorstep as if you didn't know that's where you were going. You will see how the GPSr works.


If your GPS has a 'Track' function, take a walk around your neighborhood while recording a track. Record part of your walk holding the GPSr straight and level in front of you, and another part with the GPSr hanging from your belt. When you get home, upload the track to your PC and check the accuracy of both parts of the track.


If you have any trees in your neighborhood (the thicker the better), take a reading under the trees and out in the open. Some units perform better under tree cover than others. This experiment will show you how well yous works under tree cover.


Finally, download a couple of geocaches and go hunting! That's where you will really learn how to use your GPSr!

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