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Beggar's lice/Burrs

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I think I was a piece of velcro in a former life. 'Cause I can't seem to walk away from a cache without a thousand tiny burrs (a.k.a. beggar's lice) stuck to my clothes. I swear, sometimes my pants are covered in them. And I never get rid of them. I can brush off the bulk of them, but they get stuck in the bottom seam of my shirt and my socks and even my hair. Then when I wash my clothes, they get attached to the other clothes in the wash. I'm still picking them off weeks later. I mean, I can't even get through a park and grab parking lot micro without two or three burrs ending up on my shoelaces.


I thought I'd be clever by buying a lint brush. :) Yeah, real clever. Took everything off my pants EXCEPT the burrs.


So what's the trick? Is there some kind of burr collector or, I don't know, maybe I should rub myself down with vaseline before each hunt? ^_^

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