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October? Camping? Two-for-one offer? Do tell!

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October? Camping? Two-for-one offer? Do tell!


Just for Mr Rutson a few ideas that are currently being discussed ^_^


The last 2 years has seen a Annual Anglo/Irish event, the first year in Dublin and last year a camping event in Wales. I've had some discussions with a member of the Irish caching community about this years event, due to take place in Ireland.


We've come up with the following possible idea, A camping event hosted by Geocachingireland at a campsite just outside Dublin. As the site will be closed to outside campers, the owners have agreed to drop the No noise after a certain time rule :) . Dates to be confirmed but looking at Mid October [half term for those with junior cachers]


On the Saturday an event held in Dublin city, allowing anyone who wishes to attend to travel over for a day visit from the UK via Holyhead or taking advantage of cheap flight offers. From personal experience Dublin City has some great caches, and I'm told the surrounding area is a cachers paradise :D


As stated this is still at the idea stage, but it would help to see how much interest there is.

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May be interested, trouble with camping over the water is the expense of getting a motor across the sea.


Me too... couldn't afford to drag the car over, but might fly over for the day. After Snowdonia in the rain a few weeks ago, I think I'm a fair weather camper now too. October is just too cold for me in my little tent.

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And I believe the campsite in question is only 10 miles from the Airport. :tired::D:huh: [/color]


That's one thing I'd love to see - someone trying to check in enough gear for October camping! Do you think they'll let me take the trailer tent on board lol.


Will consider the ferry option if I'm working in the UK at the time.

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I honestly think camping in October is not a great idea if we have to fly over (I cannot get the ferry for financial AND acute sea sickness reasons!!)


You have to take soooo much stuff to be able to camp in October.... are there any cheapish B&B's local to the campsite? I don't mind flying over for the day / weekend, I've never been to Ireland.


FJ - come and I'll rent a car with you!

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are there any cheapish B&B's local to the campsite? I don't mind flying over for the day / weekend, I've never been to Ireland.


The nearest B&B's that are open are 5 miles from the Campsite B)


Hmm.. I suppose that scuppers that idea then????

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though wasnt TBF in october an what fun we all had.............


Ahh hyes, but Sam.... TBF WAS in October, but we were in Pengy and Tigger's trailer tent, in nice beds, off the ground, with heaters... imagine trawling that lot on the plane!!!


I simply CANNOT go by sea, I get too ill!!!!


Atill working on coming for the day via air

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If you are still looking at dates.


Please note, Scottish school holidays are normally the first two weeks in October.


Sounds a great idea

(just remember to list the nearest B&B's!!)

The nasty campsite owner can only do the last two weeks in October he'll be busy chasing plastic lunch boxes the first two weeks :rolleyes:

There's another event also planed for the same weekend :rolleyes:

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