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Geocaching Stats

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There are a couple of interesting methods. I can tell where you are by mousing over your name. When I do that I see this in the bottom bar of the brower window.


That means that you were the 3,867th user to sign up on the site.


A more laborious way to see everyone is click "Members" at the top right near Help, Search and Calendar. On that page, go to the bottom. Change the search criteria to "All Members" by "Join Date". You might want to kick that up to 50 as well. Click go and you will see everyone that has registered on the forums after they joined. It won't show you everyone, but it gives a good representative sample. I fall on page 11 of the 50 sort list myself.



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Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to see how many geocaches there were a a given date?


You would have to look the GC number of cache that was placed around the time you joined. Back them the GC numbers were Base 16 so convert the GC number of that cache from Hex to Decimal using the Scientific calculator on your PC. :)
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