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Google Earth and .gpx

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Do you use GSAK? If so, do a filter around the cache/s you want to see in Google Earth. Then, Export those caches in the .gpx format and save that file.


You could also use a .gpx file from a Bookmark List, or from a Pocket Query.


Open that file in Google Earth. If you have the Time Slider enabled in the upper right hand corner of Google Earth, move it from right to left to see all the caches, or turn it off completely.

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I guess I'm not understanding any of this...I own a garmin vistacx...I'm wondering what is a gpx and kml and why would I need these when I just send to gps..from geocahing.com...is there a purpose for me to use google earth..and then the whole thing with a pocket query so I don't have to print out everything....Maybe I should see about taking a class in all of this...

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When you create Pocket Queries, you get the information for as many as 500 caches. When you get that much data, you need a program, such as GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) to slice, dice, and filter it. GSAK also Exports the data in the correct format for your PDA, should you already have one. A program like Cachemate on your Palm allows you to "cache paperless."


The reason Google Earth is so helpful is to find the access points for a group of caches, or to see the intersecting trails you might hike to get to some caches. Even with a mapping GPSr, it is often helpful to "scout" the area from the Google Earth photos ahead of time.

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When you open a GPX file in GE be sure to also open the "time slider" at the top to show caches placed across all the time periods of the GPX.


if you're using a garmin then you'll have mapsource. in mapsource go to VIEW then select last option VIEW IN GOOGLE EARTH. It couldn't be any simpler! Obviously make sure you've open your gpx file in mapsource first!!!! use the latest version of ms.

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