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No notification / watchlist emails


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I posted some "Owner Maintenance" notes on four of my caches and have not received the notifications at my gmail account. I set it up yesterday because my ISP decided, as of last Friday, to Blacklist Groundspeak.com, Geocaching.com, and Waymarking.com


This is not good news . . . :ph34r:

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Same here...didn't notice it until about 6p.m. EST but it probably was earlier than that.

Got a FTF tonight just by pure luck - never got the notice but was on the site submiting a cache

and saw a new one had popped up.

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Same problem here in the East part of the Atlantic; five of my caches were found in the last two days and received no notification mail in my gmail account for the last three ones (since 2pm CET of July, 10th)


I noticed these last visits through my own caches listing in my account pages.

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