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Few caches on creek islands


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we visit greece since many years and since 3 years we go caching.


Geocaching is still not so popular in greece, isn't it? The number of caches is low. In Athens are many caches, but what about the islands?

I think in greece it's easier to hide a cache, there is plenty of "unused" land. You could hide something in every bush :o . Here in Germany there are cornfield everywehere, it's harder. Why is it not so popular?


This year we'll visit Euboea (near Kimi) and Skiros. On Skiros is no cache and on Euboea only two or three in the northern part. If you live there, place us a cache :ph34r: We'll go there in three weeks.


Greetings from Germany


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:) well my friend as you mention above there are many caches in urban rather the country.

Don't forget that the population in Greece most live in Athens ,Thessaloniki or Patra.

In Greek islands there aren't many caches because there are NO YOUTH people out there.

Dont wait my grandfather who lives in Samothraki and fight in WW2 put a cache in the area!!! ;)

Also even in big cites not many people play the game .Unfortunatly in Greece we have other priorities,like what super car my dad will buy to me,what club i must visit to be popular among my friends where can i spend the money that my dad give me.

If you said that you are geocacher you will take the answer :is that a spreading disease?

As i say above we have other priorities ,more lower

That is my opinion.Sorry if someone offend but look around you


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I totally agree with Sakis.

the majority of the population here plays the "urban" game --> work - consume - work - consume - die.

Unfortunately only a small portion of people pays respect to nature and enjoy a more natural life.



if you come to Greece for geocaching, prepare to cover big distances under the strong sun...

On the other hand, you must be happier than the visitors of Egypt, or Tunisia that a whole country there has maximum 17 caches from side to side ! ! !


All the best !

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yes, I know. I was 12 times in greece and this with the age aof 19 :blink: together I spent one year in greece :laughing:


I know, that many people don't do anything for nature. but thats sad.


I think I've alredy visited some of your caches you two. look up in my profile. I have to plant a tree now, really. so long, bye

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It's funny. This island has several names, you call it Evia, I called it Euboea,..., but it's the same ;) .


We'll visit:

Castello Rosso

Dimosari Canyon

Armenon Acropolis - Styra


all from yiannisp! thx again!


and if we have the time, some caches in Athens :o

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