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Explorist 210 vs Etrex legend

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I'm currently using a holux m-1000 (with the excellent mtk chipset) with my pda/phone, which is very accurate for driving, but it's cumbersome for caching. Also the mtk chipset sucks for walking as it goes to sleep when you stop and doesn't "wake up" until you're moving at a decent pace so it's pretty useless when i start slowing down as i get close.


My local walmart dropped their prices a bit and the explorist 210 now goes for $149 while the legend is $165, both in canadian.


The reviews I've read are about the same for both, except for Magellan's (lack of) customer service and Garmin's lack of USB port.


Is the legend worth the extra $30 after taxes, plus an additional $15-$30 for a USB adapter?


And does it have better reception under trees?





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Explorsist 210 - 22mb of Ram

Garmin Legend - 8mb of Ram


Explorist 21- USB

Garmin Legend - Serial port


Explorist - 210 With Auto Route

Garmin Legend - Will not auto route


For the reasons above I would select the Explorist over the Legend.


I have use both side by side.

The Explorist also has a better chip set than the legend and will hold a better lock under tree cover.

The Legend is very old technology in the world of GPS.


I have been using the explorist 500 for over two years. The only time I have had to have it repaired (I drop it a lot) it took about one week to get it back after I sent it to magellan. That was about three months ago.

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Check out the Legend C on eBay. It is USB, has 24 MB of memory for maps, and with the right maps installed, it will auto-route.

The Legend C is no longer in production, it is being replaced by the Legend HC which will sell for around $226.00, I have seen the legend CX for about 219.00 (these are on line prices)

Both of these are much more expensive than the Explorist 210

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my 210 works better in the woods than my 60cx in terms of accuracy. this is due to the 2 extra channels provided with the 210 16 vs 14 plus look at the maps the 210s maps are incredibly cheaper and they take up less memory plus if you get mapsend topo 3d usa you get roads (non routable) and topo all for as low as $65 new! plus i can get over 3/4 of the state of minnesota within the 22 mb of memory but i am selling the 210 because i need the money. and all in all its not better than the 60cx but what the 210 HAS is better

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My first GPSr was an eXplorist 100. Used this unit for over 220 caches. Really like the user interface for entering coords (as this unit doesn't have a cable interface). Good accuray and good battery life.


Several months ago, I had tried a 210 as a possible upgrade. When I realised how expensive the maps would be, I took the 210 back and continued using my 100.


Just yesterday, I switched over to a Garmin Legend. My local Wal-Mart had a bundle for sale for under C$200 for the Legend and Topo Canada. I'm still learning to use the Legend and will miss my 100 as my regular GPSr.


We will see which unit will work better. I miss the ease on using the 100 (especially with one hand) plus the regular lettering is larger. The Legend has the PC connection (which I now need) plus gives more bells & whistles.


I did a side-by-side comparison of the 100 & Legend to check accuracy and performance. Both units pretty well matched each other in accuracy and coords displayed.


Again, we will see which one I will like better :-)

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Thanks a lot for the input guys!


I found an option in GPS tuner that I've been using on my PDA to turn off 3D distance's, so it's no longer adding the altitude differance to my distances that's helped quite a bit, but it's still not the best in the trees.


With all the talk of the new garmin hcx gpsr's coming out I think I'm going to wait another month or two and check out the prices then.


Thanks again guys,


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Another option you might consider...I picked-up an explorist 400 "Wilderness Bundle" at Wal-mart last week for $180 CAD

This bundle included the receiver, MapSend Topo Canada software, a 32MB SD card and a case.


I was looking at the 210, too, and thought it was a good deal at $150. Then I noticed the 400 on the bottom shelf...


I wanted a GPS receiver for hiking, mountain biking and a little geocaching. From what I've read, the explorist series has a good reputation for receiver strength and a bad rep for customer service.


All the trails around here are in dense woods. Without any GPS experience, I don't really know what to expect as far as reception is concerned. Here's hoping the 400 will hold a signal.

[A 60cx is beyond my budget. The H-series etrex look promising, but that, too, would push the limits of my modest budget once you added in topo software.]


I'm new to GPS and Geocaching (and Groundspeak, for that matter). I've been doing my home work, though, and had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. The explorist suits my needs and looks like a good deal. (As it turns out, the SD card is 64MB.) I'll be testing it in the woods this weekend.



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I bought a 210 bundle, it came with all the cords USB and 12 volt power and carry case plus mapsend everything for $169.

performance has been very good even in the woods,

I liked it well enough that I bought a second one for ny partner, she kept accusing me of not sharring....LOL

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