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Toronto August/September - What to wear?


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We're from the Nevada high desert. While in the actual desert it's hiking pants, t-shirts and hiking boots. Desert plants and animals can be hazardous to your health :o When in town it's jeans or shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. Get the impression we are rather casual? :laughing:


We'll be in Toronto for ten days starting August 25th. Any suggestions for clothing based on weather for that time of year and customs? Jeans? Shorts? How formal or casual is the city and surroundings?

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Any suggestions for clothing based on weather for that time of year and customs? Jeans? Shorts? How formal or casual is the city and surroundings?

Are you kidding me? I thought everyone knew that August was Lumberjack Plaid appreciation month. Though I would advise against wandering the city with your hatchet unsheathed, as it might attract unwanted attention. You know, all those "My axe is bigger than yours" contests that seem to break out on every street corner.



Don't forget, on Labour Day, we all dress up like our favourite mascot from the West Coast: Nardwuar the Human Serviette and run around the city shouting "doot doola doot doo..." at each other. (See? He like Plaid too!)



In August, (actually most months) our temperature can vary by 10 Degrees (that's Celsius) from one day to the next, but you can expect it to average around 21ºC (68ºF) during those weeks. Though, if you're lucky we might be hit by another heat wave and get to suffer a few days with a humidex of 45ºC. Then it should feel just like home!


As far as clothing goes, it depends more on the section of the city you plan to visit. The fashion police seem to be pretty lax considering the high concentration of Goths these days, so feel free to express yourself and show your Pride! (You already missed the parade... ymca.gif It was a blast!) Though there is one rule you should never violate or you risk being shot on site: 2guns.gif No Socks with Sandals! (or Crocs for that matter)


I would highly recommend a visit to The Island where you'll find one of Toronto's clothing optional beaches... (along with a number of great caches) then you wouldn't have to worry about what to wear!nana.gif



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Don't forget to bring along your skis and mukluks. The snow in Toronto can get quite deep in August.


I also advise bringing a military issue respirator just in case we do get one of those heat waves. It may save you from a trip to a respiratory therapist when you get back home. When you get here make sure you stop in at Canadian Tire. Pick up a couple of bottles of Deep Woods Off, this item is more necessary than clothing at this time of year.

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Tomtec pretty much says it all!


if you are from the desert, you will not likely be used to humidity. The temperature may not look that high at times, but it feels alot hotter then it seems. familiarize yourself with the "humidex", and if you are spending time in Toronto, be sure to get out of the brown smog bubble every once and a while, and go visit some forests outside the city!!

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...brown smog bubble...
Very familiar with that the last couple days. With all the wild fires we've been having in the area, plus the triple digit heat cauing an air inversion, we are in the midst of one huge smoke cloud. Actually recommended that we stay indoor because of all the smoke. Just checked - we're only at 97 at the moment but it's only 10am. The relative humdtity is actually up to 19% Later the temp will go into the triple digits and the humidity will dip to less than 10%.
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Ok for urban caches wear shorts and a T shirt it can get rather hot at times here in Toronto, especially in the core of the city.


For Caches in the city that are in our parks and forested areas a T shirt and good jeans would be advisable , there are caches believe it or not right in the city where you risk poison ivy or stinging nettles.


And don't forget a light jacket, anytime in late august or early September the temp can dip at times and a jacket is necessary but don't worry it normally doesn't snow till late November or December

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I've seen poison oak over in California and stinging nettles in Europe but I've never seen poison ivy. I'll definitely be bringing zip off hiking pants. Instead of full fledged hiking books I'll bring my low hiking boots - about the size of tennis shoes.

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Hmmmm - sounds like short, sandles and t-shirt weather.


did you expect to have to wear a winter coat :D ? FYI, Toronto is only slightly more north than the northen border of Nevada (by about 1 degree latitude). We may report our temperatures using smaller numbers (with the temperature that water solidifies as a baseline), but that doesn't mean it suddenly gets colder once you cross into Canada. I expect that you'll find more trouble adjusting to the high humidity than a difference in temperature.

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Wasn't so worried about weather than custom. Sometimes big cities tend to be a wee bit more formal than the desert :D BTW - I know I'm dating myself, but I did live in Canada at one time in my life, Alsask, Saskatchewan. I definitely remember the winters. Dating myself? We left Canada for the USA in 1949 when I was seven. Dang I must be getting old - but I refuse to grow up!

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How formal or casual is the city and surroundings?


All of the above.


Wear what ever you are comfortable with. (Including socks with sandals if you like. It may look funny to most, but lots of people do it.) You could go see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and see people in tuxedos and solid gold dresses sitting beside people in t-shirts and jeans.


Tomtec (I think it was) mentioned the Toronto Islands and I endorse that. Be sure to see the community on Ward's Island (east end) for a unique experience. The nude beach is at the complete opposite side, and there are geocaches from one end to the other. You can rent bicycles and other pedal-powered vehicles on Centre Island, but only if you get there early. Don't forget that it can be sweltering in the city, but cool on the water.

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