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Dog Days of Summer Mission!

Tank Hounds

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:D Thankyou Secret Mission Sender :lol:


This is what I found in my mail box today...



A great wee package (Thanks Again :lol: ) As you can see it contained a Geocell Coin (Very cool), an Evil Micro XLE (Boy do I love these guys!), "Geocaching makes you (Me) Happy" micro, 2 pins (a Geobash Duck and Top 40), Dorkfish Seahorse Patch (Glow) and a micro capsule! :ph34r::blink::lol::ph34r:


Thanks again for the awesome package, who ever you were :ph34r:

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1. Participating - email sent 7/10/07

2. Received Name - received 7/14/07

3. Mission Complete - mailed 7/27/07

4. Package Received! - 9/1/07


I received a great package with a GeoSmurfz coin (one I didn't have and have been wanting) and the cutest GeoSmurfz token! The token is really nice with a little chain. Thanks so much!! :anicute:

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Awesome and very full box arrived for Toojin & Bart from "DDS Agent" !!


First, all the black confetti says "Doggone Special" and there were a bunch of red and pink and white flowers.


A cool mug,

a neato box that looks like a dog dish.

A little book that will turn into the grocery list book (I needed one) and

sticky notes that have a dog flying an airplane on them.

dog charms from "Talk to the Paw" (love that company name!)

a gold blazing sun coin (on my seeking list)

a Geocaching - All in One 2007 (also on my seeking list)

and !! a TokyoBlossom wooden nickel

and best of all!!

two cherry blossom signature item tokens

and a note that says "I will say that one of the tokens is 1 of 2 in existence and the only "perfect" one.


One of these cool tokens is white with a pink cherry blossom which makes it should simple but see the picture below, the center is two shades of yellow/good and the pink is two tones and the petals have a vein in them. I have not figured out how to do this stuff yet, so its even more awesome.


The cherry blossom token with the black background is shaded like its in sunshine, but I think it looks like neopolitan ice cream! And it has a cool coating around the edge of the coin that looks almost like a seashell.


Thanks TB for the fine effort from a very grateful T&B !!




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Our package arrived today (well it probably arrived quite awhile ago, but we have been away for 3 weeks).


It included:

A dog colouring book and crayons

A dog companion geocoin

A very small dog

A Caching around America geocoin

Two wooden nickels

and a PSU sticker (My son's best friend is considering attending PSU, so I will pass the sticker onto him.)


Thanks so much! It was great fun to open!



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My recipient never posted that they received anything. This is the first mission I have participated in, so I am not sure what the right thing to do is. Should I contact them? Or send another package? I don't know if it got lost in the mail or not. I don't want them to not get a package! :P

Princess Lisa...I'll check with them to see and I'll email ya!


Entirely my bad! I thought I had posted, but I just found the note I'd written in a text file and hadn't gotten around to posting. Very, very sorry.


I received a lovely package from Princess Lisa containing a LizardToadz Decypher coin, a Princess Lisa GeoTag, Lisa's Geocoin Chicks of MWGB (too cute!!!!) and two Princess Lisa shrinky dink sig items :P


Thank you very much Princess Lisa. :)




PS. I LOVE the duckie!!

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