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What Geocoin do you respect the most?

Eric K

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As a designer myself - Chris Mackey and Crake are highest on my list.


I love their work, and think they are both great people.

Wow, there are so many talented folks among us it's hard to narrow down just a few. As far as people who I respect the most:

Jamie with Mad Hatter's Neverland is very talented, extremely professional and has great business ethics. I absolutely love working with him.

Shop99er - I love all of their designs. They are great upstanding folks who produce great coins.

Fluttershy comes up with some great ideas & is sweet too :anibad:

Chris with Landsharkz is very talented and has always treated me well.


There are alot of really talented folks out there with some great designs. I have many favorite people who when I hear they are coming out with a coin I know that I will want to add it to my collection. Off the top of my head I would have to name Shopp99er & The Loggerheads as my all time favorites :laughing:

I've been contemplating my own coin for a while now, and these two replies (amongst others) will help me a great deal in finding an artist, since I'm about as creative as a brick. :anibad:

From the coins I've seen here and in the wild, each and every one of the designers/artists should be proud of their work. Many (if not most) of us could only dream of creating these works of art.

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Many folks keep a 'portfolio' online (I have one on my site!) - but if not, just check out the collecting sites for photos once you have a list of designs.


Unfortunately, I dont think anyone keeps a big list by artist - which would be a neat thing to have.

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