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Who's got DSTV and want to let a few caches what the concerts at their place? :lol:


07:07 might be early, but it would be fun to try for it.


There's a small nice cafe in Wynberg with a delicious french toast with bananas and syrup for cheap. Anyone want to join us?

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We're game for breakfast at 07/07! But will any place be open?

Your place in Wynberg sounds super - just let us have the details and we're there. :lol::lol:

We have DSTV but don't know what time the concerts are and on which channel. I suppose reading the Dish magazine would help.

We believe that the 1st concert is in Sydney and from there it will go round the world in the various time zones.

Will go and do a bit of research.

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Sorry folks - you can't come watch at our house - DSTV will not be broadcasting any of the concerts. Have just spoken to them and NO, not even the Johannesburg one. Will have to make up for that by having a really good breakfast!!!

The French toast sounds yummy.


The breakfast is yummy indeed and cheap! Non-geocacher and I got out of there recently with full breakfasts, drinks and tip for R40. Almost unreal. And the food is good. Thistles Cafe, Wynberg.


Hey Vespa


I am playing badminton until 3Am, so make breakfast late!


I wanted to go caching after. Maybe out tableview, or a bit of walk locally if weathers alright

Are you interested.


3am? What? Yeah, we should make a plan. My caching has been pathetic lately. Need the assistance of a 'real' cacher. :unsure:

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Did someone mention breakfast??? :rolleyes::lol:


I don't think you'll find many coffee shops open at 07h07 tomorrow morning. But then again, you just might.


I'd like to book a seat at the breakfast table, please. Haven't seen a fellow geocacher in the longest time! B)

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Didn't know I was really in charge of this. Whoops!


NY Bagel it is for the morning of the 7th! We can only get there by 8 at the best, but please do try and hold GR to his word of 07h07. I hear another team will be there.


See you all there.

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HEY GR, DID WE MAKE IT?!!! A wonderful breakfast was had by all. Thanks to fellow geocachers who were at the door well before 7am. Will try to post photos soon! Or maybe GR can from those we sent to him?


The evidence laid before the jury is inconclusive. No clock, no newspaper, nada. :o


However, based on the honourable standing of the witness who presented some form of proof, will have to say kudo's to Bear & Fox, Cownchicken, and the Huskies. :o


Vespax may get a reprieve, but this will depend on extenuating circumstances presented by himself, Non_Geocacher, and the young Preston. :o


TVM are excused :o


As for the rest :laughing:


Hope y'all had a LEKKER one. :o

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Vespax may get a reprieve, but this will depend on extenuating circumstances presented by himself, Non_Geocacher, and the young Preston. :D



We quite possibly were up before everyone else that morning but only arrived at 8:30 due to some poo and eating that had to be handled with urgency. All three did find a cache afterwards with the rest of the gang though.


Good time was had. :D

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