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Garmin GPSmap 60cx rocker button stopped working/ Garmin repair stories.


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I have a relatively new Garmin GPSmap 60cx and the rocker button doesn't work any more. (The big button to move the cursor up, down, left, right.) Has anyone had the same problem? The button still moves and dips, but nothing happens. Do I try taking it apart? Just go ahead and try to get Garmin fix it under warrenty?


Has anyone had to get their GPS fixed by Garmin? What was your experience?

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I had the same problem a month ago, with my Legend C. I called Garmin, and even though it was 4 months past the warranty, they said to send it in. In three days, I had a brand new GPS. They even transferred the waypoints off the old one, onto the new one. The key is to CALL them personally. If you email them, you'll get a reply saying to send it with a check for $125 to cover the repair. Call them first.

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